kaveh mehranvar

Hello, I’m Kaveh Mehranvar. I was born in 1976?in Tehran the capital of Iran and in the Velenjak neighborhood. I lived in the same district of Velenjak and Zaferanie until the age of 11. I spent my primary education in Iran and then, though to the immigration of my family to Canada, spent the rest abroad. Because of my father’s business and trades, I was also interested in business, and very soon I was responsible for managing my father’s business. Due to my father’s many business trips and long stays in different countries, I have studied various academic courses in various countries, including Turkey, The United Kingdom and Canada, and I have been studying in a variety of fields. Because I wanted to became a successful businessman like my father. So, I studied business related subjects (such as Risk Management and International law). Due to the fact that my father managed his own Iranian factory for many years after his migration, I – kaveh mehranvar –  traveled extensively to Iran and got acquainted with the business atmosphere of Iran, despite of residence
in the United States and Canada for many years. Today, Kaveh Mehranvar own several successful companies in Canada and the United States. Some of them Are: Rock enterprises Ltd, Kaveh General Trading, Kaveh Investment Group, Porsazan Kaveh, Mystic Entertainment, KMK Enterprises Ltd, K2 Investment Group, Diamond Property Management Group, Ki Media Group, Hawk Enterprises Inc, Sunrise Build & Design Inc.